Boulogne-Billancourt, Ile-De-France
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After a lot of mails and pictures with Sophie zou from their company, I decided to place an order for more than 3000$ for towables.

Production time was ok, but when I received the products, I thought it was a joke!!

I wanted my logo on each one... first mistake! My little son of 3 years old would have done it better! overlap paint everywhere, letters of different side, bad paint, etc...And they even forgot to paint one I paid for..

On one towable I wanted armrests... they put them in differents ways..(one toward the front, one toward the back)

They didn't put handles on one, and not at the good place on the other one...

The shape of the bottom is not good so they don't glide on the water...

Ropes attachs are bad quality: already rusted after one day and one broke on the second day on the only towable I could use.

They firstly told me they would send me handles for free to be able to use the products, but the day after she changed her mind and ask me to pay for them and for the shipping.

So I paid almost 4000$ for products of bad quality that I can't use!!!

Avoid this company, there a lot of better ones all around China

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Vallejo, California, United States #1189464

"Is it the first time he writed something?"

Is it the first time that you wrote something?

Honestly. You sent $4000 to China for a balloon with a rope? LOL.

to Anonymous #1314771

Thanks for your contribution mister I'm fluent...

Williamson, New York, United States #943557

Buying from China in my mind is the problem. Seems most companies even the country have a poor regard for quality or safety.

there has been an increase in the news in the past few years about stuff made or painted with toxic chemicals or lead paint. pet and human foods and food additives and ingredients containing toxins or poisons. they just seem to have no regard for life even in their own country as they use lots of the same stuff that we get from them and use even though they know how bad it is. it seems to be at least the government and corporations as the general people cant always have a choice or say in what's available to them as the government or corporations can say well to bad its all you get to choose from.

This is why I am so carful on what I buy if its made in china. I refuse to buy any food products pet or human as I'm not going to kill my cat or a friends or family members pet with treats or food or even my self.

to kool371 Mumbai, Maharashtra, India #1314759

is there a reliable substirute to China, say Vietnam for procuring these kind of stuffs? Had similar baf experirence with all Chinese products.

to Anonymous Guangzhou, Guangdong, China #1344668

Why not? Most of things you use are made in China. Donot always pursue cheap price.

to kool371 Guangzhou, Guangdong, China #1344667

Have you ever been to China?


TOTALLY SCAMMED ME TOO! Did business with them for 1.5 years, with 'ok' service.

Then, I placed another order- and it was HORRIBLE. NO LOGO, nothing at all what I asked for- and literally they took a magic marker and scribbled on the wording! I'm not kidding! When I requested my money back, they disconnected that email account.

What a horrible, SCAMMING company! DO NOT EVER SEND THEM MONEY!!!

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